Case Studies

Teacher Feedback

We have really enjoyed taking part in the project, the children were excited and engaged with the whole project, they loved the planning of the clips, and even took the messages home, where families took part by making poster and filming clips at home to be added to the final clip.

Thanks for the competition and all the excitement we have had and the constant watching of hits we have had on you tube.

Jayne, Deputy Headteacher


The children obviously enjoyed it.  They’re singing the rap around the school.  It would be hard to improve apart from doing a video with it.

Phil, Y4 Teacher


I think that the whole workshop went very well.  It was a great way to allow the children to work in groups to see what they came up with.  It allowed those children who can struggle with confidence to try something they wouldn’t normally do. The topic educated the children on air pollution and made them aware of ways in which they can help prevent pollution.

Natalie, Y5 Teacher

We have really enjoyed the experience and have ideas of how we could make it more of a whole school initiative next year.  The children also think they could improve their adverts so much now that they know what is expected.

At the moment we are learning about dangers to habitats – by humans – so pollution fits in great here too.   We have a few severely asthmatic children in the class too.  They have valued the experience to explain how they feel etc.

Thanks again for the opportunity and these ease of communication throughout the whole process.

Shelley, Y5 Teacher


In terms of educational feedback-for us it was a great opportunity for children across the school to work with each other. They developed their speaking & listening & performance skills as well.

Jo, Headteacher


The children have really enjoyed learning about this environmental issue, and we will definitely incorporate clean air day into the curriculum next year.  The children also loved the concept of creating an advert an sharing their ideas, then seeing it ‘in real life’ on youtube – it’s been a great way to get families involved with the social media aspect.

Helen, Y6 Teacher

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