How it works

Simple, fun, with a world of benefits; let us take you through the Collaborate Digital process from intial invitation to completed project.

“A really well-run workshop, lots of information and opportunities for students to engage. The students have really enjoyed it and will use the information to teach others.”

Alice Parry, Head of Year 9, Stanchester Academy, Somerset

1. Invitation

You will have been invited because each of our projects is funded by a sponsor who wants to communicate their message to young people in your area. Our sponsors are public bodies, such as the police or NHS, but can also be companies who have a community message they wish to deliver. They choose the area they wish to work with and we then contact schools like yours in that region and invite them to join.

2. Registration

Registration is free and workshops and resources are delivered at no cost to the school. You can enrol for the workshops by registering on this website and once you have done so, you will be granted access to relevant resources such as a full brief, lesson plans, supporting documentation and relevant online resources.

3. Workshops

Workshops are run by teachers, any number of children can take part but we recommend working groups of four or five pupils. Typically, workshops can be completed in a full morning or afternoon session, but some teachers deliver the workshops over several session, for homework, or as part of extra-curricular activities. The choice is yours. No special or expensive equipment is required and activities can be recorded or filmed on a smartphone.

4. Submission

Once the project is complete and work has been collated, it’s time to submit the pupils’ creations. All audio, video, image, and document files can be uploaded through this website or sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer. If you need help with this email us at [email protected] or use this website’s contact page.

5. Benefits

All our projects compliment the English curriculum through creative writing, writing for a purpose, and writing for an audience, as well as many cross-curricular links. Teachers who have given us feedback have told us that participating helps the confidence of young people, reinforces teamwork, and develops new skills in writing and performance. Our projects help to develop children’s speaking and listening skills and are a creative way address subjects that might be difficult to talk about or understand. And, they’re fun!

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