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Collaborate Digital uses critical thinking, creativity and teamwork to facilitate active learning and deeper understanding of social issues for young people in schools, colleges and non-educational settings.

"It is great to see an initiative tackling issues head on, in an attempt to be proactive rather than reactive."

Andy Ellett, Assistant Headteacher

Delivering beneficial projects

Our team have worked with public bodies such as the NHS, Transport for Greater Manchester and police forces across the country to engage young people on topics such as consent, mental health, county lines, online safety, air pollution and knife crime.

Our projects are delivered free of charge to schools with all the necessary materials for each campaign available here on the website.  Each project has a full lesson plan so that teachers can use our resources to deliver key elements of the curriculum in PSHE, English and Media Studies.

Get involved!

Our people are media professionals, former police officers and education specialists with decades of experience in creative writing, audio and video production, broadcasting, teaching and safeguarding which means, whatever the issue, we’ll find an interactive, media solution to get your message across.

If you’re a business or public body and you think Collaborate Digital can help with your communication requirements please email info@collaboratedigital.com

Our Team

Relevant experience

Our people are media professionals and education specialists with decades of experience in creative writing, broadcasting, teaching, audio and video production which means, whatever your message, we’ll find a great way to engage young people.

“Every project we deliver can raise awareness and understanding of a range of social issues and campaigns, and are delivered in an engaging, fun, and collaborative way that reaps a wide range of personal and curricular benefits to participating pupils.”

Mark Matthews, Collaborate Digital

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Top week working with the Safer Somerset Partnership of @ASPolice @SomersetCouncil & @AandSPCC delivering interactive media workshops on VAWG, unhealthy relationships and staying safe to schools in the county - here's what @CourtFieldsSch had to say about their experience

Getting on with recording the students of @CourtFieldsSch as part of our collaboration with the Safer Somerset Partnership - performance and the arts are an important part of exploring empathy and understanding of issues #youthvoice #creativity #engagement

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