Using teamwork, creativity and media production to deliver active learning and deeper understanding of social issues…


We use digital media to deliver social and community messages in schools on behalf of public bodies and private organisations.

We provide lesson plans and a range of online tools to enable teachers to deliver workshops on important issues such as health, personal safety, careers, the environment and the risks and consequences of being involved with criminal activity.

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Collaborate Digital specialises in delivering social and community messages to school children using creative writing and media production.


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Collaborate Digital brings real life into the classroom.  We use critical thinking, creative writing and media production to help young people engage with important social and community issues, tying in with key areas of the National Curriculum.

“This programme on consent is incredibly valuable, probably one of the most valuable things we’ve done all year. It has been a forum to open up other conversations about what is right and what is wrong.”

Sally Rawson, Teacher

Public and Private Sector Partnerships

How do you get a serious message about health, personal safety or emotions across to young people without having them glaze over?  Collaborate Digital’s innovative, media-driven workshops encourage students in primary and secondary school to engage with tough issues.

Do you have a social or community message you want young people to hear?  Corporate Social Responsibility is moving up the agenda of most businesses – Collaborate Digital will recruit schools to engage with your brand, study the issues you find important and demonstrate their understanding though audio, video and social media.

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5 years! Time flies when you're having fun! What a privilege to have met and worked with so many dedicated professionals and talented creative young people over the past 5 years #OurTwitterAnniversary

#ThursdayMotivation from a creative writing media workshop on the issue of mental health for our @HSELive #littlethings collaboration with a thoughtful video from the students at @Davismallow in Cork #youthvoice #KindnessMatters #Peer2Peer

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