West Yorkshire Schools Knife Crime Media Challenge

West Yorkshire is a safe place to live and we want to make sure it stays that way. But knife crime is a growing concern, affecting much younger people than it used to. So we’d like your help to spread the word about the consequences of carrying a knife

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Knife Crime

‘Knife crime’ is simply any crime that involves a knife.  If you’re under 18 then that includes having a knife on you or trying to buy one.  It also includes threatening someone and the most serious crimes such as murder, robbery or burglary where a knife is used.

Some young people say that they carry a knife for protection or to make them feel safer, but it is a crime and research has shown that you’re actually more likely to become a victim of crime if you’re carrying a knife.

The consequences are pretty heavy too: not only do you put yourself at risk of serious injury, or being killed, you could also face a £5,000 fine and four years in jail.

How to take part

West Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner would like to hear your views. We’d like you to imagine you’re an influential YouTuber or Podcaster, and we want you to make a short podcast or video to tell other young people, just like you, about knives, the dangers they pose and the consequences of carrying a knife.

When you’re writing your script, think about the impact of a stabbing, not just on the victim but on the perpetrator too – and their friends and family.  What does the law say, and what are the important things you, and other young people can do to keep yourself safe?

There are lots of helpful videos and other resources here on the website to make sure you’ve got all the facts.  You’ll also find links to some other really useful websites too.

You don’t need a load of specialist equipment; in fact, you can make a really good video or podcast on your phone, laptop or tablet- it’s the script that’s (most) important.  Take time to make sure you include all the important information and that you’ve got a brilliant, creative idea to make it interesting to the people who will see or hear it.

Your podcast or video needs to create a positive message to encourage a greater understanding of the issue of knife crime.  It should be about one-minute duration and you need to send it to us by Thursday 17th June at the latest.

There are lots of other schools across West Yorkshire taking part in this project. Thanks to funding from  West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner it’s free to take part and the best entries will be shared online.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get creative, have fun and we look forward to seeing your videos or hearing your podcasts soon.

Before You Start!

  • Download the lesson plan – decide how you want to adapt it
  • Look at the ‘Resources’ tab to find out more information
  • The key elements of the workshop are:
  1. Learn and understand the issue
  2. Mind-map your ideas
  3. Write a great script based on the information you’ve learned
  4. Decide who will perform the script and who will carry out technical roles such as recording or editing
  5. Record your script
  6. Think about what else you need for your finished podcast or video (sound effects, music)
  7. Send your finished ads to us via the Upload button (top right) or via Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.  Our email is [email protected]

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