Violence Against Women and Girls - Cheshire Schools Media Challenge

Your challenge is to write and produce a short podcast or YouTube video that raises awareness of the issues surrounding violence against women and girls

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Harassment and violence against women and girls are an increasing concern here in Cheshire and today we’d like your help to spread the word about the impact it’s having, and what young people like us can do to prevent it happening.

This is a broad topic – we’re talking about anything that causes physical, sexual or mental harm to a woman or girl, from catcalling and inappropriate comments to stalking and the most serious of crimes such as rape and murder.

Two out of three girls in the UK have been sexually harassed in public, and most of those offences happen while we’re on our way to and from school.  A third of teenage girls have been in an abusive relationship, and online women are 27 times more likely to be harassed than men.

We’d like your help to reduce these incidents across Cheshire so that women and girls like your sister, your mum, your girlfriend, your gran and your school mates can feel safer when they’re in work, in town, walking home, in school or in college.

Cheshire Police and the Crime Commissioner want to hear what you have to say.  We’d like you to imagine you’re an influential YouTuber or Podcaster, and we want you to make a short podcast or video to kickstart a conversation with other young people, to influence how they think, how they act and how they behave towards others.

We’re looking for a brilliant creative idea – you might want to perform a mini drama, you could make it factual like a news bulletin or maybe you want to make it entertaining in the form of a rap, a song or a poem.  It’s completely up to you.

You’ll need to start by writing a script which should include relevant facts, figures, views and opinions.  Think about the impact these crimes can have on individuals, and make sure tell your viewer or listener where they can go for advice and support.

There are lots of helpful videos and other resources here on the website to make sure you’ve got all the facts.  You’ll also find links to some other really useful websites too.

You don’t need a load of specialist equipment; in fact, you can make a really good video or podcast on your phone, laptop or tablet – it’s the script that’s important.  Take time to make sure you include all the important information and that you’ve got a brilliant, creative idea to make it interesting to the people who will see or hear it.

Your podcast or video needs to be about one-minute duration and you need to send it to us by Thursday 1st December at the latest.

One thing that’s really important is that, if you want to make reference to something that’s happened to you personally, please write it in a way that doesn’t identify you to the people who might be watching or listening.

There are lots of other schools across Cheshire taking part in this project.  Thanks to funding from Crimebeat and Cheshire Crime Commissioner it’s free to take part and the best entries will be shared online and invited to a celebration event.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get creative, have fun and we look forward to seeing your videos or hearing your podcasts soon.

Before You Start!

  • Download the lesson plan – decide how you want to adapt it
  • Look at the ‘Resources’ section to find out more information
  • The key elements of the workshop are:
  1. Learn and understand the issue
  2. Mind-map your ideas
  3. Write a great script based on the information you’ve learned
  4. Decide who will perform the script and who will carry out technical roles such as recording or editing
  5. Record your script
  6. Think about what else you need for your finished podcast or video (sound effects, music)
  7. Send your finished ads to us via the Upload Form (bottom left) or via Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer.  Our email is [email protected]


Tip 1

Work together in groups of four or five – more minds will create something really special and interesting.  Discuss what you’re being asked to do and brainstorm to come up with a brilliant idea.

Tip 2

Make sure you research the subject before you start writing.  Use the resources here on the website and follow the links to relevant websites.  Watch all the videos too, they’re packed full of useful information.

Tip 3

You don’t need loads of special equipment – you can record on a mobile phone or a tablet.  There is free software available online if you want to edit your video – this article recommends some of the best.  For free audio editing programmes take a look here.

Useful Videos

Useful websites and downloads – ensuring every woman and girl has access to safety, choice and a voice – advancing children’s rights and equality for girls  – how to spot unhealthy behaviour and what to do about it – essential support for under 25s

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