Cheshire is a lovely place to live and tolerance of each other’s differences is an important part of living here.  But differences such as ethnicity or race, disability or mental health issues, age, religion, gender or sexual orientation can often lead to bullying or intolerance.



Maybe there are other people at your school who make it much more interesting because they have encouraged you to have a better understanding of the wider world, or helped you learn something new and different.  They may speak other languages or do things, which are different to your life or family.  Perhaps you know someone who has been bullied because they are seen as different.  How does that make them feel and what can you do to help them feel like they are included?

And what about you?  Have you recently joined a new club or moved schools?  You probably wanted people to let you join in with their fun and make you feel welcome.  Did they let you?  And how did that make you feel?


How to Take Part

Cheshire Police would like to hear what you have to say about tolerance and bullying.  We’d like you to imagine you’re an influential YouTuber or Podcaster, and we want you to make a short podcast or video to spread the word to other young people, just like you, about why it’s okay to be different and why it’s actually good for all of us to see things from another person’s point of view.

When you’re writing the script for your podcast or video, think about what it means to be tolerant, why it’s good for all of us to try and understand the different ways people live their lives and how we can all work together at getting along with each other.

There are lots of helpful videos and other resources here on the website to make sure you’ve got all the facts.  You’ll also find links to some other really useful websites too.

You don’t need a load of fancy equipment; in fact, you can make a really good video or podcast on your phone, laptop or tablet – it’s the script that’s important.  Take time to make sure you include all the important information and that you’ve got a brilliant, creative idea to make it interesting to the people who will see or hear it.

Your podcast or video needs to be about one-minute duration and you need to send it to us by Thursday 20th May at the latest.

There are lots of other schools across Cheshire taking part in this project, which thanks to funding from Crimebeat and Cheshire Crime Commissioner is free.  The best entries will be shared online and invited to a celebration event.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get creative, have fun and we look forward to seeing your videos or hearing your podcasts soon.



Tip 1

Work together in groups of four or five – more minds will create something really special and interesting. Discuss what you’re being asked to do and brainstorm to come up with a brilliant idea.

Tip 2

Make sure you research the subject before you start writing. Use the resources here on the website and follow the links to relevant websites. Watch all the videos too, they’re packed full of useful information.

Tip 3

You don’t need loads of special equipment – you can record on a mobile phone or a tablet. There is free software available online if you want to edit your video – this article recommends some of the best. For free audio editing programmes take a look here.

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