Using teamwork, creativity and media production to deliver active learning and deeper understanding of social issues…

How It Works


We use digital media to deliver community and social messages in schools on behalf of public bodies and private organisations.

Our team have worked with public bodies such as the NHS, Ireland’s Health Service Executive and various Police Forces to engage young people on topics such as blood donation, mental health, online safety and knife crime.

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Collaborate Digital specialises in delivering social and community messages to school children using creative writing and media production.

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Public and Private Sector Partnerships

How do you get a serious message about health, personal safety or emotions across to young people without having them glaze over? Collaborate Digital’s innovative classroom workshops help students in primary and secondary school to engage with tough issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility is moving up the agenda of most businesses. Collaborate Digital recruits schools to engage with your brand, study the issues you find important and demonstrate their understanding though audio, video and social media

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