So we’ve not been able to answer all your questions yet?  Maybe the answer is here.

Why have I been invited to take part in this project?

Each of our projects is funded by an individual sponsor and they have identified that they want to communicate their message to young people in your area.  Our sponsors are sometimes public bodies such as the police or NHS and can also be companies who have a social or community message they wish to convey.  In either case, they choose the area they wish to work with and we then contact schools like yours in that region and invite them to join.

What will this cost the school?

Absolutely nothing!  The cost of the materials is met by the sponsor for each project which means all Collaborate Digital projects are free of charge to schools.

How is this relevant to the National Curriculum?

All our projects tie into the English curriculum through creative writing, writing for a buy essay purpose or writing for an audience.  Each project has a full lesson plan with specific outcomes.

How will my students benefit from this?

Aside from the learning and curriculum benefits teachers have told us that participating helps the confidence of young people, helps them work in teams and develop new skills in writing and performance.  Our projects help to develop children’s speaking and listening skills and are a creative way into subjects that might be difficult to talk about or understand.  And they’re fun too!

Is there a limit to the number of children who can take part?

No, the more the merrier!  We recommend students work in groups of four or five to make sure everyone gets the most out of the workshop.  Once you have registered you are free to run the project in as many classes as they choose.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, you can shoot a video or record a radio advert on a smart phone or tablet and if you want to get fancy, free editing software is available on the net.  We’re not bothered about the technical quality of the video/audio – it’s all about great creative ideas, online essay service enthusiasm and a well written script.

Where will I find the information I need?

Once you register for a project you will gain access to all the relevant resources.  This includes a full brief, lesson plan, supporting documentation, reference videos and links to appropriate websites.

How long will it take to run the workshop?

This varies from project-to-project and teacher-to-teacher, but typically projects are designed to take between 2 and 3 hours.  This can be done in one morning or afternoon, or it can be split over a number of shorter lessons.  Some teachers run the workshop as part of a club at lunchtime or after school.  Elements of the project can also be set as homework – it’s up to you how you do it.

When we’ve finished, how do I send the audio/video to you?

Files can be uploaded through this website or sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer.  If you need help with this email us at schoolsupport@collaboratedigital.com

Where do you deliver your campaigns?

Every Collaborate Digital campaign is tailored to the needs of each individual partner organisation and can be targeted at the towns, counties or regions they choose.  Schools are recruited to participate on a project by project basis.

If you still have questions about Collaborate Digital and our projects please email schoolsupport@collaboratedigital.com or call 0151 924 1189.